I had the flu and after taking what you made for me, it was gone in less than one day. I can't even believe it.  - Stephanie R., PA
I am a walking testimonial for proof that Josh's medicines work amazingly! So thankful to be pneumonia free after the doctors were not able to make me better. So very thankful. Excited to start the medicines for fibromyalgia next. :) - Patti Lynn F., OH

My joint pain is gone  - thank you so much. You're an excellent root doctor! - D.T., SC
When I came to you with bronchitis, I had antibiotics in my purse as a backup, just in case. After your treatment, I didn't even open the pack! Thanks again, Josh.  - Marcia M., OH
This is actually really embarrassing but I had to write a review anyway. I have never in my life had a cold sore but it came on suddenly and I looked like I had just had a Botox injection on one side of my lip. It was horrible! I took the awful tasting virus killer you made (reluctantly) and within 30 minutes, that nasty thing was GONE. What the actual? I'm shocked. SHOCKED. Your roots are effing amazing. Thank you!!!
- Lynn H., Ohio
I love my tincture - I usually put 10 drops under my tongue and I can feel a drop in my pain. There are times the pain will go away, as it did this morning, within just a few minutes. What I like about it is I can take this throughout the day with no side effects. - Deborah D., CA

I've been using what you made for me for my arthritis and it's working. I just wish I had found you before I had knee surgery. - Jan H., Ohio