To my clients who are near and dear to my heart, you are the ones who make this work possible. Thank you for sharing your success stories with me...


Not only was everything you said absolutely on point, they were not generalizations but were specific to me. The best thing was your prediction about the man I'd meet! You are amazingly intuitive, accurate and extremely approachable. I've had two readings and a requested spell service and I would absolutely recommend you without any reservations.  - Tammy L. Miller
I'm very grateful that I found you.  I trust you and when you say something is going to happen, it does. I feel very comfortable sharing my feelings with you and my life has improved a lot. I was scared about losing my ongoing financial payments that were owed to me but you took care of that with a working.  I was also very unhappy with my former living situation and being on a two year long wait list to get into my dream apartment was very stressful. However, after the working, I was moving in within a couple of months! I am now very happy and making friends at my new place. - Delores Thomas 
I love my healing potion and I can feel a drop in my pain. There are times the pain will go away, as it did this morning, within just a few minutes. What I like about it is there are no side effects. 
- Deborah D'Agostin

I've been using what you made for me for my arthritis and it's working. I just wish I had found you before I had knee surgery! - Jan Hetala
I am a walking testimonial that Josh's methods work amazingly! So thankful to be pneumonia free after the doctors were not able to make me better. So very thankful. :)
- Patti Ford
You changed me with a reading several years ago! It was amazing!! - R.J.

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