Rhonda Starr-Nequatewa
 Hopi Medicine Woman

Integrative Healing / Soul Retrieval

Shamanic healing integrates the mental, physical, emotional & spiritual in order to heal complex and life-altering traumas and chronic or "mysterious" medical conditions. I energetically detect the emotional root cause and work with you to activate your energy centers thereby retrieving the shattered aspects of the spirit to reconnect you with your whole nature. 

​If you have been in therapy or counseling for many years with little to no effect, desire to decrease or stop taking certain medications or are dealing with a chronic illness that no doctor has been able to diagnose or cure, my Hopi methods may be right for you. ​​​​

Contact me at 
snhandh@gmail.com ​​ to schedule. A 3 session commitment is necessary to facilitate this healing. 

Birth information including exact time and location is appreciated in order to look at the natal chart for the detection of events however if this is not available, the session(s) may still be conducted successfully.

Booking for February 2018