​​To advocate and support our guests' continuous evolution - physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

To support the well-being of our guests based in prevention of disease through nutrition and natural plant and herbal medicines, physical movement and creative expression.

To teach our guests how to integrate physical and spiritual wisdom into everyday life in order to make practical, applicable and informed life decisions.


We accept guests based on the need for healing on a spiritual, emotional, energetic and/or physical level with respect and dignity.

We provide a safe, clean and quiet environment conducive to healing and the exchange of information.

We use clear and concise language when explaining concepts or providing suggestions and spiritual healing advisement. ("Loaded language" is not used) 

We provide honest and relevant information for the improvement and/or advancement of self-awareness, physical health, interpersonal relationships as well as connection with others and the environment. 

We provide all services with uncompromising professionalism and confidentiality with an emphasis on sincere, compassionate delivery and essential communication.