What our clients are saying

These two are the real deal and can help you in ways you don't even expect.
- Tonic C., VA
Solid 5 stars for this wonderful couple!!! They have completely changed my life around in the complete opposite and best direction. If it weren't for them, I wouldn't be who I am today. Thank you, Rhonda and Josh - you saved my life. 
- Alexis P., OH
Meeting Josh and Rhonda was no accident. They came into my life when I was at a definite low point and looking for something to lift me up and out. After using their tools and recommendations, I found a way out of a bad situation and realized a dream! They continued to offer their support through the process and my life will never be the same. - Linda L., OH
Wonderful people, wonderful results. - John B., OH

I highly recommend them both. They've become lovely friends and are very genuine, thoughtful people. - Sarah B., OH

Two wonderful people in touch with Spirit in a way that few truly are.  - Jonathon C., OH

I love my tincture - I usually put 10 drops under my tongue and I can feel a drop in my pain. There are times the pain will go away, as it did this morning, within just a few minutes. What I like about it is I can take this throughout the day with no side effects. - Deborah D., CA

I loved my experience with Rhonda. I not only walked away with a new friend but also feeling centered... plus the knowledge I was missing on a few health issues. Thank you so much! ​​ - Denise, OH
I have found Rhonda and Josh to be both knowledgeable and informative individuals.  Both are very caring and concerned about the folks who come to them. They hold their clients welfare in their highest regard and I would recommend them to anyone who is having difficulties to check them out.
- Michelle B., OH

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