Joshua Maldonado,
Root Doctor

Root Work for Health

Your session will begin with an intuitive assessment followed by acupressure and completed with custom blended herbal applications or teas. Additional blends are available for purchase. 

Due to the all-inclusive nature of appointments, please allow 90 minutes for your first session and 30-60 min. for follow up sessions.

Must be seen in person 

All of the items I use in conjure are unique - they are not mass produced. It is not necessary nor do I permit anyone to be present during any working(s). Once your conjure is completed, you may receive a fixed item that will be shipped to you with simple instructions. (Not all workings require a fixed item in return.)

Spiritual Clearing

If you recognize the signs of or sense spiritual attachments, you can feel at ease and speak openly to me about these matters. When there is no evidential cause of illness or things going wrong in your life, a clearing may open the road for a new beginning. Can be done in person or long-distance through preparations that will be sent with detailed instructions.