Joshua Maldonado, Curandero & Root Doctor

Growing up in a family of spiritualists, I was raised learning herbal healing and earth-based practices as part of my Puerto Rican heritage.  As a child, my abilities were encouraged and it was natural to have pre-cognitive dreams and visions that helped many members of my family.

During my school years, martial arts and meditation occupied much of my time.  In 1988 I earned my black belt through the American Karate Association while developing a unique style close to Kyokushinkai. An Asian instructor also apprenticed me into pressure point therapies to treat myself as well as other students who had sustained injuries.

Combining indigenous methods which are incredibly powerful in treating physical as well as spiritual illnesses and assisting people in becoming healthy again is a great privilege.

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Rhonda (Starr) Nequatewa, Hopi Medicine Woman

Communication between the worlds has long been a part of my life and my Hopi shamanic lineage goes back hundreds of years, beginning with my grandparents Edmund and Jean. The healing methods that were passed down to me have remained relevant regardless of the times or trends.  

Natural healing and the ability to shift energies through the use of guided language are a few things in my "medicine bag." Understanding how energy works and affects everything is the key to unlocking remarkable healing within.

I love helping others come back to health and wholeness and seeing them inspired to fulfill their aspirations.  Sharing the time-honored wisdom and healing ways of my people is a sacred appointment as a medicine woman in the modern world. 

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