Josh Maldonado
Root Doctor, Curandero

I was born in 1972, the son of a Puerto Rican native, whose Curanderismo heritage dates back to the Taino healers of the Caribbean.

Working as a Root Doctor and Curandero allows me to help others on a different level than mainstream medicine and provide breakthroughs for persons that desire a more natural approach to their well-being. 

I utilize what nature has provided along with spiritual generational healing methods. During this process, physical renewal often opens up opportunities for new experiences in other avenues of life. 

It's a great privilege to provide that kind of catalyst for change and I welcome you to experience renewal through these methods. 

Caribbean Healing

​​The earth has provided a bounty of healing plants that I blend into brews to expedite natural recovery from pain and chronic dis-ease

For the very best results, I recommend combining your treatment with clean eating - nourishing foods provided from the earth - and avoiding processed foods (which damage the body at the cellular level). 

(In addition to the physical, we will address any spiritual cleansing needs. Please see "Limpia" below.)

​Contact me for your appointment at (330) 333-9672

Herbs, plants and roots for healing


Limpia is a safe spiritual cleansing done to dissolve energetic negativity. It restores peace if you've been feeling emotions or thinking thoughts that seem as if they do not belong to you.

Limpia is also part of treatment when physical illness has manifested as a result of psychic attack or other harmful energies affecting your body.
There is no belief required for a limpia to be successful and it can be done as often as necessary. 

In my personal practice, I do not crack the egg and read it after a cleansing. It is kept in tact and disposed of in a proper spiritual manner.

Rhonda S. Nequatewa
Medicine Woman, Hopi Tribe

I was born in Ohio in 1978 and raised by my mother Taawawisnim who is from Hotevilla, Third Mesa, Greasewood Clan. My grandfather was Chief Edmund Nequatewa of the Sun Forehead Clan and High Priest of the One Horned Society. Growing up, my mother and I often returned to our reservation to commune with family, attend ceremonies and enjoy the spectacular beauty of the Arizona desert. 

Using healing methods handed down through generations of medicine people is a great honor and privilege to share with others. Each session is unique and guided by your physical, spiritual and emotional needs, offering you deep connection and tranquility from the inside out.

Healing Work

​​Your body has an amazing capacity to heal (physically, emotionally and spiritually) through healing touch, assisted stretching and energy pathway work. The methods that I use provide soothing relief for body and soul. ​​

I use a gentle approach and slow, deliberate movements for long lasting results. Energy pathway work is done to awaken and move stagnant life force energy, providing inner peace and an awakened connection to your spiritual centers. 

​Your bodywork is performed while you are fully clothed, with the most comfortable being in stretchy, breathable clothing such as leggings, capris, tank top or a t-shirt.  

Please contact me for your appointment at (330) 333-9672

​​Package Rate: $150 for 4 sessions (please contact for details)

Single session: $45

Distance sessions are available for any physical, emotional or spiritual need.

Nourishment Counseling

Vibrant health begins on the inside​! You are what you eat has never been more true as an increase in preventable diseases rises at astounding rates, especially in generations just beginning their precious start on the planet. 

Product marketing serves one purpose: their bottome line - and as they increase their profits, health is on the rapid decline.

It is imperative that you become educated and aware of the most insidious ingredients hiding in products lining the shelves of your local grocery store as well as how to truly nourish yourself from the earth's bountiful healing found in natural foods.
​​What many "weight loss" programs fail to do is properly educate on the real toxicity of products such as processed foods, rancid oils and nutritionally void foods such as pasta and dairy. 

I began my road to recovery in 2008 when, after a decade of unhealthy habits, I was forced to come face to face with hypertension, diabetes, morbid obesity and high cholesterol... a disasterous combination!

Within 6 months of clean eating and very moderate exercise, I eliminated all of those conditions and lost 70 pounds, keeping it off and regaining a youthful appearance (I had looked like I was in my 40's all throughout my 20's). This was no coincidence - poor diet leads to premature aging among many other undesirable effects.

You can experience similar results by shifting the popularly accepted definition of the word "diet" from "temporary change" to an entirely new lifestyle - one that will provide many years of enjoyment and pleasure in your body as well as a renewed sense of strength and vitality that is every person's birthright, no matter your physical age.

​​​Take it from someone who has been there and knows the struggles of "trying to lose weight."  

It's not about weight - it's about living vibrantly!
Nourishment counseling is so much more than "eat this, not that"

We'll dive deep into your emotional centers to discover where, why and how you've come to the point where you are now so that you can move into a joyful communion with your body and food.

We'll work together so that you'll discover how to eat and move intuitively - without structured diets, counting calories and unused gym memberships.

Yes, I lost 70 lbs. and never counted a single calorie or forced myself to wear a device that tracked my activity levels and you  don't have to either!

To begin living vibrantly, contact me at (330) 333-9672

  Investment: $300 for 5 weeks where we will:

- Address your emotional & spiritual makeup in relation to food

- Discover what foods and movement energize you the most

- Learn how to decipher your body's reactions to foods

- Learn how you will react to food before you eat it

Let's work together for your vibrant life! (330) 333-9672