Josh Maldonado
Root Doctor, Curandero

I was born in 1972, the son of a Puerto Rican native, whose Curanderismo heritage dates back to the Taino healers of the Caribbean.

Our indigenous methods allow me to help others on a different level than mainstream medicine and provide breakthroughs for persons that desire a more natural approach to their well-being. 

I utilize what nature has provided along with spiritual generational healing. During this process, physical renewal often opens up opportunities for new experiences in other avenues of life. 

It's a great privilege to provide that kind of catalyst for change and I welcome you to experience salud buena (good health) through these methods. 

Caribbean Healing

​​The earth has provided a bounty of healing plants that I blend into brews to expedite natural recovery from pain and chronic disease

For the very best results, I recommend combining your treatment with clean eating - nourishing foods provided from the earth and avoiding processed foods (which damage the body at the cellular level). 

In addition to the physical, we will address any spiritual and energy needs. 

Plants & Spiritual Energy Work

Energy work is oftentimes more essential in beginning the healing process than addressing the physical problem. Emotional trauma is sometimes at the root of chronic physical illness that has no identifiable beginning. ​​

Espanta Muerto is the plant that I work with to dispel negative energies and it works remarkably well to provide intuitive insights after a clearing.

Often providing my clients with answers that have been buried for decades, this amplifies their psychological and physiological healing while working with the medicinal brews for overall health.

This plant is not ingested. It is prepared and applied as a bendita agua.

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